Mono Beams – Staircases

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Mono Precast Permanent Shuttering for Staircases

Mono Block’s precast concrete stairs are an innovative and cost effective means of construction which eliminates the complications associated with wooden shuttering, steel fixing and casting of reinforced concrete stairs.

The Design:

By cutting the side panel of a pre-cast beam in the shape of a staircase, the manufacture of precast stairs is made relatively simple. The basic components are the same as those of the decking system (precast panels and ribs).

  • The right combinations of the experimented precast permanent shuttering for R.C. beams and the slab components offer to the market a precast staircase, light enough to not require a crane at the site, easy to put together and to be cast.
  • The stepped side panels are precast to suit any combination of risers and treads using single adjustable moulds.
  • The beams are precast to include the landings and allow for any angle. This can be assembled on site utilizing, at the joint, splice bars and concrete. This eliminates any irregularities in the sides of each riser or tread.
  • A simple staircase can be erected, ready for casting in ±90 minutes by 4 unskilled labourers.
  • Once again, minimal shuttering is required.